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Add some lols to your workday  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏  ͏

Have you considered that coding can be both fun AND funny? With over 100 million developers and counting, GitHub is not only a home to serious coding projects—it’s also a goldmine of hilariously creative repositories. These projects showcase the lighter side of coding, from solving bizarre problems to simply aiming to get a laugh out of others. Plus, they stand as a testament to the creativity, wit, and spirit of collaboration that define the global developer community.

Engaging with and employing funny repositories can have a whole host of benefits beyond just having a laugh! Hilarious repositories can help you with:

🎨 Stimulating creativity. Engaging with content that breaks from the norm can stimulate your brain’s creative centers and enable your problem-solving abilities to soar.

📉 Reducing stress. Hilarious repositories offer a lighthearted break from the regular coding grind to help alleviate stress and fatigue.

🤝 Fostering connection. Nothing brings teammates together more than laughing over a shared joke or project!

🧊 Breaking the ice. Need something to chat about in a team meeting? Sharing a funny repository you're all working on can be the perfect conversation starter.

💪 Increasing motivation. Funny repositories attract attention to open source projects and encourage more contributions or collaboration from the community.

🧪 Encouraging experimentation. Seeing the success of offbeat projects can give you permission to fearlessly experiment with your own creative ideas.

So, in this edition of The GitHub Insider, we’re going to showcase some knee-slapping, gut-busting, hilarious repositories and give you the tools to share your own side-splitting repositories with the greater GitHub community.

#1: lolcat

Want your project to look like this?

Now, you can turn your entire command line experience into rainbows and unicorns!

If you visit the lolcat repository, you can install and use it right on your own systems. Or you can replicate the output in your own repositories by integrating lolcat or similar functionality into your projects or documentation. Repositories such as lolcat typically include an installation guide, usage examples, and source code, which enable you to make it your own!

👉 Try lolcat

#2: QR.rb

This Ruby program generates a Rust program that generates a Scala program that generates more programs through 128 different languages before generating the original Ruby code again. Why? Well, why not?? Language nerds, this one’s for you!

And same deal as lolcat: you can either install it or replicate it.

👉 Check out QR.rb

#3: emojicode

Emojis can really help you jazz up a text message or email, but did you know that you can write code with them, too? Emojicode is a super cool programming language where emojis are the stars! It's open source, easy to use, and packed with fun.

What’s your favorite emoji? And how will you code with it? In case you were wondering, mine is: 🤠.

👉 View emojicode

#4: nocode

Are you tired of spending hours coding? Say goodbye to complex syntax and hello to the nocode repository! Bursting with innovative tips and resources, this repository empowers you to build amazing projects—all without writing a single line of code. No gimmicks here (😉), just a good old-fashioned joke.

👉 Dive into nocode

#5: Potato

It’s fairly well-known in the kitchen that you have to pierce a potato with a fork before you microwave it so that it doesn’t explode. But did you know you can fork a virtual potato? Welcome to the Potato repository, where forking isn't just a GitHub action—it's a time-honored tradition steeped in history and culinary curiosity! So, join in the tradition and click that "fork" button to become part of a community that celebrates the potato in all its forms.

Want to hear my favorite potato joke? No? Too bad! Why did the potato cross the road? Because it saw a ‘fork’ ahead! 😂 🤣 😆

👉 Explore Potato

#6: DADA.js

Embrace chaos with DADA.js, the ultimate web prank plug-in. Inspired by the avant-garde art movement of the early 20th century, DADA.js plants what appears to be a virus on your website, unleashing a whirlwind of Windows 98-style dialogs. But these aren't your ordinary pop-ups—they're spinning, pulsing, rotating, and even evading your cursor as you try to close them.

👉 See DADA.js

#7: Make it Taylor's Version

This one’s for all the Swifties out there! This repository hosts a GitHub Action that will edit any issue, pull request, or discussion title to change it to Taylor’s Version, because sometimes you just have to “Shake It Off” (and re-record your entire catalog of music).

👉 Jump into Make it Taylor’s Version

Summing it up: here’s a video rundown of the repositories mentioned above!

But wait, there's more!

If you want more giggles, here’s a comprehensive list of more goofy repositories that are sure to tickle your fancy. Do you have your own stash of side-splitting repositories and web gems you're dying to unleash on the world? Well, look no further than GitHub Pages! It's the free, easy-peasy way to showcase your comedic genius straight from your GitHub repository. Whether you're crafting code that cracks up or web content that wows, GitHub Pages is your answer to sharing your creative brilliance with the universe.

Thanks for reading along with us again, and until next time, keep coding, keep laughing, and stay hilarious! 😂

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✨ This newsletter was written by Sara Verdi and produced by Gwen Davis. ✨

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